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Copyright© 2004 by Nik Blain. All rights reserved.

Make Or Break

By Nik Blain

Carla had been building towards this moment for weeks. Everything was ready, but after so much worry and soul-searching did she dare take the last irrevocable step? Her stomach churned and she felt physically sick. Dare she. Would it ruin everything?

Carla's marriage had ended for many reasons but one, undoubtedly, had been the lack of the serious, wild sex she so loved

Reading sex novels had opened up to her imagination a fantasy world of S/M and bondage which held a deep unfathomed interest for Carla. She had bought some handcuffs and dropped a thousand hints to her ex, but while he obliged to some extent, he was not particularly enthused.

The split was not pleasant but now she had a life. Her partner was much younger, they loved each other to bits, Adam has the stamina and drive but is somewhat inhibited by his upbringing. They had fantastic sex every day and he would spank Carla whenever she needed it enough to ask, but something was missing.

Carla's present dilemma has come about by being made redundant. Some of the spare time alone spent surfing the net rekindled the true depths of Carla's sexuality. An article she read about self-bondage had rooted an idea deep in her psyche.

Adam finished work at 5:30 and was usually home just before 6:00

What if Adam came home to a tied and gagged girlfriend begging for some cruel treatment? Would Adam freak out and do a runner or would he step up a gear and give Carla what she really craved?

Carla checked the clock: 3:30, she put the clock back on the side facing the wall so she would not be able to see it, pulling out the yards of white rope she had bought she took a deep breath and went to work.

First Carla tied one end of a length to each of the front feet of the sofa then from behind the sofa checked she could just touch it by stretching till her feet just left the floor. Checking everything else was in place, Carla nervously undressed until she stood shaking slightly in nothing but her silver neckchain, bracelet, anklet and rings, the stainless steel balls on the barbells through each nipple completed the set.

In a change from her plans, Carla ran to the kitchen and poured herself a large Taboo. Not bothering with lemonade she swallowed the lot in one.

Back to plan she tightly buckled on the black leather dog-collar from her punk days and clipped on a lead, she used a three foot length of rope to tie her two pig-tails together and left the end hanging down her back. Two wraps of rope wound around just under her heavy breasts and two more just above. A short rope joined the wraps together between her tits, crossed over one shoulder, passed under the rope at the back and crossed back over to complete the tit-squeezing bra. Carla picked up the two six inch rubber bands each holding a small padlock made a loop in the end of each and popped them onto her nipples behind her barbells. A shiver ran through her as the swinging weights tugged on her hardening buds.

"Oh God" so much still to do and already Carla was seriously turned on, the breast bondage was electrifying nerves all through her body. Trying hard to ignore the mounting waves of excitement, Carla picked up more rope and made a very tight belt around her waist then inserted her favourite dildo which needed none of the KY she had used to slip easily and gorgeously inside her. The butt-plug, however, did need the lube and took some work to fully insert. Quickly Carla pulled the loose ends of the waist rope through her legs, under the belt at the back then back again to the front where, having made sure the rope held both dildo and plug firmly in place while at the same time squeezing her clit, she tied them very tightly.

As quickly as she could, Carla tied a rope to each back leg of the sofa then to each ankle making four white wraps around each. If her measurements were right her legs would be spread wide open as her feet left the floor to reach the rope at the front.

Now the last bit. The bright red ball-gag was certainly uncomfortable but felt really wicked. She leant over the back of the sofa to make sure everything was in place on the cushions; the towel for her dribble, the handcuffs and the blindfold. Check! Carla tucked the note she had written for Adam into the crotch rope at the back where he could not miss it. She slipped on the blindfold and reached behind her again to tie her pigtail rope to the waist rope so her head was tilted sharply backwards. By feel now Carla leant over the sofa and squirmed forward till the ankle ropes held tight. She was now beyond the point of balance and were it not for her legs being so tightly held and spread she would have fallen right over the back. She reached behind her to switch on the dildo and butt-plug controls, she had pre-set each to random which meant they would vibrate as and when they pleased.

Carla found the handcuffs and clicked the left wrist in then passed the other cuff through the end of her dog lead and round the rope which was attached to the front legs of the sofa. She had to pull very hard to get the spare cuff back to her right wrist, bringing both the rope and dog lead so tight she at first thought she would not be able to click the cuff closed, but some frantic squirming with her hips against the pull of the ankle ropes gave another half inch of play, click!

Done! Carla took stock. She was stark naked, blindfolded and gagged. Her legs and arse must be forming an inverted V on the back of the sofa while her body was suspended over the seat, her tits were bound to bursting point while a padlock swung from each nipple. The crotch rope was squeezing hard on her clit while she was filled front and rear with… "Hmmmmm..Grrph!" The dildo had burst into life, blocking all rational thought.

The dildo turned itself off as suddenly as it had started leaving Carla gasping behind the gag and trying to refocus her thoughts, 'Christ! I've got at least another two hours of this. I'll never… !'

"Grrrrrrraaaaah!" The butt-plug vibrator had just joined the party. As the batteries did their thing, the jerking of Carla's hips caused the padlocks hanging from her nipple bars to swing and bounce sending shock-waves straight to her trapped clit. When the plug stopped buzzing she could feel her juices trickling down her thigh.

A loud bang from the hall started a wave of panic, Adam cannot be home yet!

"Hi Carla! It's only me."

God! Linda! Her friend had a key as she often stayed with them but she was supposed to be with her boyfriend this week.

"I just popped in to tell…….. Sweet Jesus! Carla, what a fantastic sight! Are you ok?"

Carla shook her head and then started nodding. She was mortified to the core but did not want all her work undone.

"Has Adam left you like this all day? The sod!"

Carla shook her head again but knew that Linda could make nothing of the muffled babble she offered by way of explanation.

"Ah a note!" Carla shook her head but just then both vibrators kicked in at once and for nearly two minutes she was aware of nothing else.

"So you tied yourself up as a present for Adam? How sweet! But he won't be back till six, it'd be awful if I left you all alone till then and besides you look too fantastic to leave."

Carla felt Linda's hand on her arse-cheek and the touch made her jump as fiercely as the vibrators. She and Linda had often joked about having sex together, Linda was unashamedly bisexual but Carla was too happy with Adam to stray with anyone else. Now, it seemed, she had no choice.

Carla felt fingers run down her bum to her thighs tickling as they went. "God. You're soaking, now that's turning me on big-time." What could only be Linda's tongue was working back up her thigh lapping at the copious juices like a starving cat with cream. Carla could feel spasms in her legs as her arousal was reaching fever pitch. Just as she knew she was going to come the licking stopped and silence. She twisted her head as much as the pigtail tie would allow but could not pick out any sound.

For what seemed like an eternity nothing then THWACK! A lightening bolt of pain shot across her bum followed by at least four more until Carla exploded with such force that Linda could only watch and marvel at the intensity of the orgasm her friend was experiencing.

Just as Carla's wracked body seemed to finally settle, a hum started up as the dildo once more burst into life and her body returned to spasm in front of Linda's startled eyes.

"Darling, are you ok?" returned Carla to consciousness. She had no idea or care as to whether she was ok or not, she only knew that this was real sex and she loved it! She nodded till her hair nearly pulled out and made some hopefully affirmative grunts.

"Dearie, I'd stay here and whip you till you bled with those riding crops you've got upstairs, but Adam will be back before too long and I'd hate to mark you for him. Before I go I'll just rewrite your note for you, this one's too wishy-washy."

Linda sat down at Carla's PC and reread the note, which had been tucked into her crotch rope:


Linda tore up the note, wrote a new one and printed it off before tucking it back into Carla's ropes. "See you, gorgeous! Have a good night!"

Carla barely heard Linda leaving as the plug was doing it's best to distract her at the time. She guessed she must have at least half an hour before Adam returned and was close to total exhaustion and yet more aroused than she had been in her life. "As long as he gives me a quick whipping and fucks me stupid, everything will be perfect!" Carla thought in one of her more lucid moments, knowing that everything was starting to hurt big-time.

After at least two hours tied so uncomfortably and after so many intense orgasms, Carla was overjoyed to hear Adam opening the door… release was not too far away!

"What the fuck? Oh a note!"

Adam opened the folded page:


Adam had had a bad day and was in no great mood but after reading the note, he climbed the stairs to fetch their riding crops and starting to feel a bit better thought: 'Bugger two hours, I'll whip and fuck her till dawn and no doubt she'll love every minute!'

Carla heard her loved one coming back down the stairs and purred silently to herself.

"Right, this time you've fucking had it!"


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