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Self bondage fiction

(This is TTT on the Plaza)

The stories


The Ordeal
Tie yourself up, add a few imaginative torments to ensure that you'll literally stay on your toes throughout, then tell your friend she can come over at "any time..."

Nik Blain

Make Or Break
What's worse than getting hopelessly stuck? Being caught out by your best friend! But what's even worse still? When she decides to help out!


Chain Shack
There's always one moment when your life ends - or begins as one young man finds out when he's caught in the act of binding and gagging himself


Self bondage... until
The stuff of which nightmares are made of... caught in flagrante delicto - bound and gagged by your own hand.


Another fine mess
Self-bondage with a decidedly automotive twist - where will this adventure take our heroine?


Repeat Performance
Samantha quickly discovers that bears and snakes are the least of her worries when playing self-bondage games in the woods


Kept In The Dark - on plaza
It's a Rainy, Rainy day - Murphy's law strikes again!

Igor and Ivan - on plaza
One person's self-bondage adventure has unintended consequences

Treed - on plaza
Life as a Gorean slavegirl is tough and not for the faint of heart.

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