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My Punishment

by D.H.

It all happened so fast. This was the summer before I would enter college. It was a confusing time of self-exploration.

My palms began to sweat with excitement even as I pretended not to want it. I could feel the warmth flow through my body. She sat behind me on the couch and held me still. Some how her thin tanned arm wrapped around me forcing my arms down to my sides. Then with a quick movement she pulled them behind me so that my wrists touched. In an instant I surrender and crossed by wrists. A delicious combination of her arm encircling me from behind. This and her body forced together with my own prevented me from moving my arms at all. Her dangling silver bracelet and shiny rings helped to remind me a beautiful woman had me in this position. She laughed as the struggle took place. Not sure weather it was just funny to her or if this now powerful woman actually enjoyed my new submissive role. Shoulder length brown hair tickled my skin as she laughed in a mock evil tone. Even her laugh was sexy.

Her voice had only moments ago caused a rush of excitement in me. She felt so seductive and so powerful. But this laugh of, "I've got you!" caused my face to feel warm. No, extremely hot. In my inexperienced mind I hoped she wouldn't notice. Wouldn't know how much I liked this. She wore a black T-shirt with some silly 70's phrase on it. Moments before this all began my focus had been on how it accented her breasts.

She had used her other arm to help get me in this position. At one point during the struggle her fingertips had brushed over the warmth my shorts hid. Though I knew it was just part of the struggle, this felt so good. Now her right hand was held over my mouth. I had seen the bright red of her nails as her hand closed in on my lips. The heat of her hands touch, the soft little fingers; I felt every trace of her palm across my lips. This handgag firmly held my mouth closed. Her fingers and thumb tightly pushed my cheeks close together. I felt so powerless. Not able to speak, she was in charge.

Long tan legs, hidden only slightly by her very short jean cutoffs, were locked around my legs. So soft, so smooth, so feminine these thin legs came from behind mine and crossed at the ankles. Her toned calves allowing me little wiggle room. Her tiny crossed ankles and her bare feet held mine fast to the ground. The bright red nail polish on her toenails and gold ankle chain helped to accent her womanhood. Her small feet brushed against my own bare feet as I tested her restraint. Escape was impossible, not that I wanted to be let go. I again tried to move and her soft warm body harness kept me in check. I slumped deep into her and she in turn fell back into the oversized black leather couch. I was her prisoner. Bound by her body.

I felt her warm breath so close to my ear. I shivered with anticipation as she quietly whispered, " So I thought you were just the nice neighbor boy."

I tried to speak but only a garbled "mmmph" of confusion was allowed through her tight handgag.

"With my son away for a few weeks I thought I could count on you to be responsible…" Her tone grew firm. I felt the authority in her as she pinned me even tighter into her grasp.

"All you were supposed to do was watch my dog and feed him. The key was to come into my home only if you needed to get more food for him."

Then it all came crashing home to me. She knew. I felt embarrassed and actually quite guilty, yet a little bit of me was so glad to get caught.

"You were in my bedroom?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

I nodded my head in admission as much as her grip would allow.

"I noticed my black pantyhose are missing!" this delivered in a phrase that came out both angry yet with a tint of tease in the delivery.

"David, I noticed that when you come over to talk to my son that you have other things on your mind." She continued in a soft tone. "I've seen the way you look at me. I noticed the other day that you spent extra time mowing the same portion of grass over and over. You were just watching me as I suntanned weren't you?"

"Mmmmpph!" Which was my way of saying no but meaning yes!

"You like it when I wore that leopard-print bikini didn't you!" she stated instead of asking.

"Mmmhhmm.." came my admission. Even gagged this way it was clear.

I had an incredible interest in my friend's mom. She was older, but now that I was to be a college man, surely she'd see the man in me. Her sexual experience was sure to be a better teaching lesson than any girl my age could dream up. Bound and gagged by her body, now giving in my true shame. Time seemed to stop. Helpless, I leaned back into my captor. I am not sure how long this lasted, really seconds but it felt like forever. She seemed to be plotting out her next move. A sexy evil laugh broke from her lips.

"Stay here and don't you try to go anywhere!" she ordered.

Then she pushed me aside and rose from the couch. In that instant I felt sad. Craving her attention and the playful bondage of being held by her. 'Come back!' I wanted to say, but I did as she said I sat there. She walked out of the room and the cloud of fantasy quickly started to fade. She knew I took her pantyhose. I just wanted to touch them. Only wanted to feel what I could of her through them. A very complex range of emotions had stirred in my mind when I took them. I knew it was wrong. Had I hoped she would catch me? I just knew my desire for her.

Then a horrible thought hit me. Did she know that I had also looked in her closet?

Did she know that I looked at her book?

I was not even sure it was hers, maybe it was her ex-husbands. It was a fiction story called The Caretaker's Plaything. I first saw it when her son and I had stole into her room to look at her Glamour magazines. While he noticed the book was about adult themes, his eyes fell quickly on the photos of women in the magazines. While mine fell to the book. A book about tying up a young woman.

Something that I had discovered first on the Wonder Woman TV show. The lovely Dianna Prince tied up with a cloth in her mouth, the captive of the week's villains, sent a rush of heat through me. Thus creating many nights of me fantasizing and pushing my warm body into the bed for some relief. But the neighbor lady's book was different. It was about sex and tying up together. Its subject matter had been what originally caused me to come into her bedroom. Did she know? Where did she go?

So many thoughts raced through my head the door was there, but only a few steps away. Yet a good submissive I waited for her return. The wait was forever. Then she stepped slowly back into the living room.

She had changed from her casual attire to something that made me blush. Her brown silk hair was pulled back into a short ponytail and she now wore silver large hoop earrings. Her lips were now bright red with lipstick smiled as she saw the look in my eye. I started at her feet and traced her body up with my gaze.

She wore black leather boots that came almost to her knees. A black leather skirt that came down to just above her knees helped to cast her as a dominant figure. As she walked I noticed between the shiny leather of skirt and boots the long legs were encased in black pantyhose. A silver tiny chain belt hung about her waist. She wore a long sleeve red satin shirt and a large black scarf hung in a triangle from her neck. The red silk and scarf could not hide the breasts beneath.

"So you like to watch me?" she taunted.

Each slow step toward me made me want to explode. She swayed and her hips moved in an intoxicating motion. She winked at me seductively. I noticed she had something in her hands. A black silk scarf and a large handful of black nylons and pantyhose.

"You have been a bad boy!" she exclaimed. "Stand up and put your hands behind your back!"

I did as told. I almost fell to the ground as this dream played out. I felt the coils of nylon wrap around and around, and I felt the strength of her grip as she cinched the knot. She traced my cheek line and continued down my chest. Slowly, her fingers teased me - stopping just above the band of my shorts.

I wanted her. I was not even sure what I wanted, but I wanted her. I wanted this attention. I wanted to be her plaything.

"I have to teach you a lesson. I could speak with your parents but that wouldn't stop you from looking at me the way you do. They would punish you of course. I could tell your friends and make the fool of you. However it is just a pair of pantyhose."

I started to understand she would punish me her own way.

" Will you do it again?"

Not allowing me time to answer, she casually stated, "You know you need to be punished. If you tell anyone it will all come out that you stole my feminine attire! That, my boy, would be very embarrassing for you…"

I nodded in understanding.

She pushed me to the floor in front of the couch. I struggled to not hit my head on the way down as my nylon bound hands were useless to help me. I was told to cross my ankles. Binding them securely with the more black nylons. My legs were also bound at the knees. She then eased me onto my stomach and placed a pillow from the couch under my head.

She knelt beside me and I gazed at the curves of her legs and the shiny leather boots. Lost in the moment I hardly noticed that she tied another nylon to my ankle bindings and then pulled my ankles to almost touch my wrists. The nylon was tightly knotted to my tied arms. She seemed to be an expert at tying knots. I wiggled and wiggled around. It was tight and felt good. I was a lump on the floor. Immobile and helpless I started to feel the position become slightly uncomfortable. Still I was hers and was getting what I deserved.

Then before I could say a word, she balled up the silk scarf and pushed it into my mouth. I did not fight it. "Good boy, take your gag," she teased.

Until this moment I had not even known that it was called a gag. I never thought of spitting it out of my mouth. I wanted to be in her power. She teasingly rolled another pair of black pantyhose in her fingers. Her red fingernails kept me in a lustful haze as she wrapped them around my head again and again. She then tightly knotted it.

I was now securely gagged with her undergarments.

"Don't you even think of trying to get that out of that hogtie. Or I'll gag you much worse and blindfold you."

Why would I try to get loose?

My body pushed into the floor for some relief from the fire in me. My captor walked out of my vision, I heard the click of the TV turning on. Then she settled in on the couch that I faced.

"This is your punishment. You will stay tied up until I watch both of my soap operas. Your punishment is to look but not touch. Struggle all you want but if you get loose or make too much noise, I will tie you up in into a ball and put you in my closet."

I mutely nodded again.

"Now… this will be our little secret and we will forget all about what you did. Understand?" she taunted.

"Mmmhmm…" was my gagged reply. I was hers. I wiggled my gagged head to test the gag. It was nice and tight. The silk felt so good stuffed into my mouth. I relished the helplessness. I rolled and struggled in an act of wanting to escape. My bonds were tight and the position almost hurt, yet I had no desire to be let go. I felt warm and good. I wanted her to touch me to take me. She showed little interest in pleasing me. She tossed the last unused pantyhose at my face. She mocked my gagged moans with imitations and laughs. Punishment, I thought.

"Oh, by the way…" she whispered.

I twisted my bound form to look into her eyes.

"While I was over at your house the other day, I excused myself to use the bathroom. I really went quickly into your room. I found my black pantyhose hidden under your mattress. The ones you had been probably ogling over. I took them back."

She probably saw the disappointment in my eyes. I had cherished them as they had encased her legs and all of her warm wet being.

She crossed her ankles and set them upon my head. My gagged head was forced to the pillow. I had become her footrest. I felt the heel of the boot push into my cheek. I caught a wicked glimpse in her eye and she breathed deeply.

"I'm wearing them you know. The black pantyhose you touched, rubbed against your body, probably kissed. I'm wearing them and they feel so good."

The gag kept me from saying what I wanted to say. How I felt. I was young but I knew what I wanted. If only I loose, but the tight hogtie she entwined me in was inescapable. She owned me for the afternoon.

"I bet you don't even know that I am moving out of state. I sold the house to a close friend and this weekend I will be gone."

"Mmmmphh," was my reply.

"Mmmmphh!" she teasingly imitated my grunt.

"When or if I untie you later, you will take the black pantyhose I'm wearing, with you. That is your punishment not the tie, not the gag, not the humiliation of your friends mother dominating you. That you will have the memory of being my bound captive with only these worn wet and warm black pantyhose to hold and squeeze when you get excited."

"That is your punishment," she said sternly.

"Mmmmph mmmph…" I pleaded, wanting some release from the torment of my bonds for her to please my body.

She bent down and lifted the remaining pair of pantyhose that lay near me on the floor. She worked it apart with both hands and placed it on top of my head. Then with another tease of a wink pulled it down over my head. Black nylon covered my face and forced the gag to be even more secured. She furthered my humiliating position by taking the legs of the pantyhose and wrapping them under my chin. They were tied off at the top of head. I was sure the big knot made me look like a silly holiday present.

My black hood did still allow me to follow her motion though slightly out of focus. She rose a finger to her lips. And I knew what it meant, time to be quiet.

"Ssshhhh… Be a good boy and be quiet. Just enjoy the view sweetie," she mocked. Again she leaned over and this time kissed my pantyhose hooded and gagged lips. I thrust myself up and down as much as the taut tie would allow. Helpless with her dainty undergarments. I squirmed and pleaded for relief of my sexual fury.

She simply leaned back up. Her form sank into the rich leather couch.

I lost myself in gazing at her beauty through the nylon. She tried to ignore my grunts and movements. Then she untied the knot that held her silk black scarf about her shoulder. She laid it on her lap and folded it over and over. She then laid it on the couch next to her.

"Black pantyhose feel so good on my body…" she sighed without looking at me. Her lips formed a devilish smile. She turned her neck scarf over her shoulder and undid a few of her buttons of the red satin shirt. Her fingers glided along her black bra and then quickly down to her leather skirt. She spread her legs apart and gave me a nylon-covered view of her warm beauty below.

Then I almost came watching her as she picked up the scarf next to her. Bending down from the couch, my now mistress of sexual tease and torture securely used it to blindfold me. I bounced my body up and down. The nylons only helped excite me even more. To know I could not touch her made me harder. I struggled with the notion of wanting to be free yet loving my powerlessness. To add a final wicked insult she blew lightly into my ear. My gagged moans were uncontrollable at this point.

I felt as if my bondage was a hug she was giving me. I hoped her TV shows went on forever.

"I feel so warm, and they feel so tight, so sexy…they encase my legs so well …so shiny…oh that's right you cant see them can't touch them….can not even tell me if you wanted to….squirm for me baby…..yeah that's it….so sexy…..pantyhose are so sexy don't you think? Yes, so sexy…" her voice trailed off.

Her words still arouse me when I think of them.

Wrapping them around my wrists, holding them to my lips, gagging myself with them, holding them to me below the covers. The black pantyhose are my treasure and punishment.

Taking my punishment.

Dreaming of her.

Copyright 10/2006 by D.H.

All rights reserved.
Reproduction in any form prohibited without written consent of the author.

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