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I'd love to receive your contributions. Perhaps they could be based upon your own favourite fantasies? Or... simply let your imagination run wild! Once again, Love Bondage is the theme here. Check out the stories (or poems!) below and elsewhere then go for it… Your tales can be as sexy as you like or purely platonic in the sense that the bondage is the sole focus of the scene. (by the way, please read our posting guidelines before sending any contributions)
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A new landlord discovers that renting out is a lot more involved than he thought when his lodger asks him if he will pretend to be her boyfriend at a swingers party so she can try capture another man - with unexpected results!


The Birthday Gift
Samantha gives her boyfriend a present he'll never forget for his birthday!

Arranging for a surprise
The best laid plans...


Diamonds are forever... To what lengths will a bride-to-be go to secure that special rock of her dreams?

What does being a damsel-in distress and this tying up thing really involve? Wife decides to find out after watching a TV show.

The Entertainment Center
It's football season again and husband wants to ensure that he won't be disturbed no matter what...

Alfonso Linguini

The Adventures of David Mayer - Her Ancestors
David coerces his best friend Leah into accepting a winner-takes-all bet, with unexpected and hilarious consequences.

The Adventures of David Mayer - Visitors from Spain (sequel)
When David invites a couple of friends over from Spain for some illicit fun and games, little does he realise what Leah Wang will do when she meets them...

Water Slide
Jason knows that there's only one way to ensure that his friend - and secret love - will achieve her goal of sliding 100 metres down a competition water slide... and win her love during the process.


Kate Ryan
A bondage dominatrix spots an attractive woman and decides that she's got to have her, no matter what the consequences....

Training Anne
A writer of bondage fiction is kidnapped by a disgruntled client intent on demonstrating the finer points of bondage that she doesn't write about well enough...

The Visitor
Anne decides to travel away to the beach because she needs a break. Alone by herself, its the perfect opportunity for a little self-bondage until one day, her plans goes awry.

Julia Revisited
Anne is enjoying her new life with Dorothy but it's not long before she has to face her nemesis (Sequel to 'The Client')

The Interview
Anne leads an exciting and fulfilling life with plenty to keep her busy - but there's just one element missing, the one element she needs to achieve complete fulfilment.

The Client
When a land developer shows off a property to a client, she has no inkling that she has other ideas....

The New Rope
What's more exciting - or stimulating than being placed in stringently tight bondage and left bound, unable to do anything except helplessly await release? Being photographed and...


It's Only For Your Own Good (3 parts)
This is one of the best bondage and restraint stories I've ever read. Anyone who enjoys gentle romantic love bondage (involving handcuffs, straitjackets, escapology and chastity belts) will adore this excellent tale


The Hostage
Maureen is abducted, bound and gagged with only her raincoat for company in a tale where all is not as it seems.


The Fantasy - 5 Part Story
A restaurant waitress is kidnapped by one of her customers who has long desired her and it becomes a romantic interlude for both but that's when their problems really begin.

Reality Check
Bill and Mary plan another weekend away but an unwanted intruder has other ideas for them both.

Bedroom Friend

The Babysitter
A group of children hatch a romantic plot to help their pretty babysitter, Kristina capture the man of her dreams...

War Games
Mike is bound to carry out his duty when his squad captures a pretty lieutenant during army exercises...


The Games We Play
A little bondage always beats doing the washing up, every time...

Many Happy Returns
Our heroine turns the tables on her unsuspecting husband.


Temporary Insanity
The first furry tale to appear within Tied and True Tales - A beautiful catgrrl called Tabby discovers that this thing called 'work' is capable of hiding surprises she never expected.

Captain Handicap

63 Hours
Robbery and revenge is always a dish best eaten cold (F/F tying M)


Child's Play
25 years later, a childhood game is revisited when two young childhood playmates are reunited when she travels interstate for a job interview


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Ties
When Rob is asked to come over and take a few photos of his friend for a catalogue shoot, he has no idea that it's a red herring that she hatched to cature him!

The Day Off
Law enforcement's a tough gig, especially when it's your wife resisting lawful arrest!


Crossed and Double Crossed
Darla is kidnapped in an elaborate plot to relieve her Father of his money but she never dreamed that he might double-cross her captor...

Darcy O'Neil

Birthday Bound
Darcy's birthday has been anything but memorable - it's been a lousy day at work and the traffic was just as bad - but that quickly changes when he returns home from work to find a note from his wife announcing that she's discovered his special secret and asking him to go upstairs where he'll find his mystery birthday gift.

Double Crossed
When Kate decides that she needs help to carry out a safe-cracking job, little does she realise that there's no such thing as honour between criminals...


Carol's Wish
One guy's urge to be bound and gagged temporily overwhelms common sense when he asks two girls he's never met before if they will tie him up.


My Punishment
A young man liberates his neighbour's pantyhose but she finds out what he's done - now it's punishment time...

dreary fellow

Protecting Harry Potter
When two bookstore employees are caught red-handed photographing the latest Harry Potter book hours before the launch, their boss teams up with Loss Prevention to ensure that they never receive the chance to reveal Potter's fate to anyone...


Tammy's Journal


Failure Modes
Murphy's law prevails as it does now in futuristic robotics as one owner discovers, much to his shock - and horror...

Season's End
Veronica takes Yi and her other flatmates out for a day of bound fun at a special park...

What should I have said? That she is a bit tied up?
When playing tying-up games with your flatmate, it's never a good idea inviting her friends in without permission...

Same in Green
College hi-jinks and games...

G.M Owen

Love At First Bite
Once bitten, twice shy...


A Long Drive Across America
The lowdown on what it's really like being taken by bounty hunters and transported across America... Will they allow her any chance of escape?

Heading homewards, via Hermione Houdini's House of Horrors
It's an ill wind which blows no good when a tube strike hits London, stranding Penny Richards at work. Deciding to walk home, she discovers any number of strange and interesting shops selling escapology equipment, which she tries out - but as she quickly discovers, some people have a secret agenda.

Anna Dianna Jones
Desperate adventure in darkest Africa during an archaeology trip examining old slave routes - but has the practise of slavery really ended?. (To be continued, serialised)

The Reluctant Masquerade
When Frank is invited to join a hotshot lawyer specialising in helping bail out people in trouble with overseas constabularies or governments, little does he know that she's planning to use him in a manner he'd never imagined or envisaged...


Darla's Gift
When Darla decides that she deserves more attention than the idiot box, she takes matters into her own hands.

A Lady In Training
Darla introduces Jeannie to the joys of Love Bondage which proves to be almost too much for her.

Hunter (hunt407)

Suburban Surprise
A wonderful, compelling and powerfully erotic adventure of one woman's adventures in self-bondage which goes horribly awry when her best friend turns up...

Mistaken Identity
Nothing is going right for one hapless university student when her computer plays up so she borrows her roomie's PC and it's when the fun and games begins!


The Spanking of Love
Sometimes the greatest act of love is administering a little old fashioned discipline. Although this story focuses much more on spanking, I included it here because it's very loving and consensual - and isn't that the way it should be?

James T. Bond

The real lowdown behind the life and times of one secret spy called Laura Baker.


The Burglar
Wendy finds herself in dire peril at the hands of a female cat-burglar who also enjoys tying up her victims!

Jay Manning

The Bridal Shower
A couple of party guests decide to bet on an escapology contest, unaware that they're being filmed by the host's security camera system...

Navy Wives
A bored Navy wife relates an incredible visit she made to a friend's house in a letter to her husband.


Sandra's Party
A young musician receives a lifetime opportunity to create some beautiful recordings at an old friend's party when he learns that his host and her friends all have similar interests...

j.d lawrence

A householder catches a pretty woman red-handed in the act of burgling his house - and he decides to keep her... but things quickly become complicated when he realises his girlfriend might not appreciate his new plaything as much as he does!

The Disappearance of Tara
Tara comes out to her husband - she likes being tied up...


The Girls Turn the Tables
A young bondage and fetish photographer discovers that leaving his models bound and gagged while he enjoys lunch wasn't such a good idea after all...

A Mummy for a Plaything
A young executive thinks he's got it made following the successful conclusion of a major deal when he meets a beautiful woman at his hotel...

Mandy and Kelly's Plaything
When the urge to be bound and gagged is so strong it overwhelms every other rational consideration - and when all else fails, a visit to a professional dom doesn't sound like such a bad idea but the girls have their own agenda...


The Escape of an Enslaved Princess
Rebecca Bond is a beautiful submissive who lives to be bound and used. Unflaggingly loyal to her Master despite his cruelty, she willingly obeys his every whim. However, But every submissive has a breaking point and Rebecca had found hers. After months of cruel sadistic discipline, the mind games he loved playing and the possibility of deliverance with someone he unwittingly delivers her to, Rebecca finally breaks after he goes too far one day. Suddenly, she is a damsel-in-distress and he's playing for keeps. This is a story of harsh, unrelenting discipline, love, betrayal and revenge. (M/F, medium/heavy BDSM, cons & non-cons bondage, DID and graphic sex)


At Her Majesty's Service
A tale of sexual domination - what does it feel like to learn that you no longer own your own penis?


Kerry's Pride
Being picked up in an inner city bar will never be the same again after reading her sizzling tale! (includes bondage, TV/male sex)

Kevin R.

False Pretences
How do I get my girlfriend tied up? Sometimes there's only one course of action possible - take the bull by the horns!

Tom and Sophie
Tom decides to teach his nosy housemate a lesson she'll never forget and find out along the way how much she really likes bondage!

Leanne B

Burning Desires
The first poem we've received! The joy of bondage distilled in a few words.


One Good Turn
One good turn deserves another... but what happens if he exceeds her unspoken limits?

Moment of Truth
One guy's urge to be bound and gagged temporily overwhelms common sense when he asks two girls he's never met before if they will tie him up.

Open Inspection
A clandestine meeting is arranged during an 'Open House' inspection - where will the road lead our interested buyer?

Lord Zaphod

The Princess of Bondage
Diane inherits enough money to indulge in her favourite passion - bondage! - and she ropes her friend into tying her up!

Mad Hatter

A Trilogy of Kinky Encounters (#1 The Pawn And The Payback)
Whoever says men gotta have all the fun? Payback is such a bitch! One for every desperate housewife out there.


Surprise at Haunted House
Kidnap and abduction is a real possibility when you work in a 'Haunted House' attraction.


Wo Ai Ni
There's nothing like the special intensity - or closeness that bondage and sex generates...


All Ours
Two young women don't want to see their neighbour - whom they adore, move out so they hatch a dastardly plot to ensure that he stays put...

Margaret B.

Coffee Table Sex
When in doubt, switch. Sex the way it should be... (M/F, F/M, light BD/SM, sex; cons)

Maxine Sundel

The Actress
Bondage is really only a game after all...


What A Day!
Never ignore the phone when you're tying yourself up - a tale of love and revenge

Calculated Misfortune
When a man visits an old friend, he decides to check out some of the gear in her bondage dungeon while she is out... with dire results!

Monsieur K.

A rich heiress is kidnapped by a desperate villain and she thinks its all over when Father refuses to pay up, but its not long before she realises that her captor's needs gels with hers...

Tea Time
A young man's second date with a woman he meets in a tea house does not go according to his carefully laid out script.


A Christmas Gift
Chris receives a special Christmas treat from an old flame who's also determined to ensure that she reciprocates the favour with her friends....

Mary's Christmas Eve
Mary finds herself all wrapped up with nowhere to go on Christmas Eve...

The Bosses Cabin
When the boss is away, the mice will play - with his conniving help!

Thanksgiving morning
It's time to say thanks for what we've got and one husband wants his wife to know how much he appreciates her!

Sally's Halloween
Two work mates are determined to ensure that their colleague will enjoy a Halloween she'll never forget after finding out about her secret hobby

Sally's Halloween - Deja Vu
Sequel to Sally's Halloween - Sally wonders what will happen this year - it's not long before she finds out that it's not only guys who find her attractive...

Be careful what you wish for
Conventions are always such fun... but be careful what you wish for!

Pick Me up
Romance can take many shape and forms as Alexis finds out when her boyfriend decides she needs cheering up...

Alexis' Surprise
Alexis decides to tie herself up for her boyfriend to discover but the best laid plans of...

Ellen & Rachel
Two girlfriends discover they've got more in common than they ever realised...

Mr. Ropes

A young traveller buys a bondage magazine and offers to show the curious shop assistant the ropes.


Hitching Bound
Two lovely young girls are taken for a ride...

Nik Blain

First Timers
The first time is the sweetest of all as these young lovers find out - and it's a damn sexy tale too!


The Surprise
Two cute college girls tie themselves up as a special gift for the birthday boy but he's got other plans for the evening...

Sandra's First Time
Sandra discovers that curiousity does pay! Bound, tickled and teased, Sandra knows she will return for more after... Tickling and foot fans are bound to enjoy Sandra's little tale...

Sandra's Second Time
The sequel to Sandra's first time when she returns for more exciting girl/girl action and tickle torture!

Sandra's Third Time and Frida's First
Sandra and her friends introduce a new roomie to their special brand of relaxation.

Sandra's Fourth Time
Sandra is "abducted", tied up and mercilessly tickled along with a couple of her friends by their university roomie mates

A Fun Night at the Gym
A group of schoolgirls attempt to outdo each other with their pranks before graduating.

Sarah and Jenny Re-united
A nostalgic retrospective based upon what might have been if the old gang ever caught up with each other again

Rainbow Golding

Chinese Emperor
There's a word for a bet that's too good to be true... and Becky finds out the hard way - and she has a month forfeit during which to think about the error of her ways. (To be continued, serialised)

The Game
Science reaches new heights for one inquisitive couple in the... Bondatory!

The Journey
Melanie is taken for a special ride by her girlfriend anxious to find out if she's only playing or the real deal

Sarah learns the hard way that curiosity really did kill the cat one quiet day at work

The Nineteenth Hole
An imaginative golfer scores a hole in one with the aid of some strategically placed ropes!

Rayron D'Olier

Nothing to Do and Nowhere to Go
Private investigation can be a perilious occupation as one researcher finds out, but not in the way she expected!

An Unexpected Pleasure
A young babysitter is kidnapped and held to ransom to her boyfriend (based on a true story)

Rod Harden

Shibari Air
A couple act out a sensual and highly erotic Japanese bondage rope scene.


Mummy Time
When curiousity killed the cat - never meddle with a medical student especially one who knows her way around bandages! (F self-bond, F/F, semi-cons; mummification)


The Lucky Man
A bondage enthusiast wins an all expenses paid holiday at a very special resort...


Tied up in Tights
The bonds of marriage will never die for one couple sharing a special fetish together - woman's tights and ropes!


Fetish Girl
What happens when you combine long fingernails with BDSM?

Tara Tyler

Tina's Adventure
Tina meets someone online whom she wishes would help fulfil her bondage fantasies...

Three Friends
Two girls show their inexperienced friend how to achieve that which she desires most...

Three Friends Two
It's Kaycee's turn to find out what being tied up - and sexually tormented with a crotchrope massaging her most private bits feels like.

Terry Lord

Sandy's Awakening
Sandy has an insurmountable problem - she can't achieve climax, no matter how good the sex is - until she meets Barry who shows her the ropes...


An Infamous Evening in London
A cheating girlfriend bites off more than she can handle after arguing with her boyfriend and leaving him for a one-night stand with another hotel guest, also with less than pure intentions... (DID, cons to non-cons)

The Trial
Anne Marie Harrison is about to testify in court against her kidnappers but they're prepared to go to any lengths to prevent her from testifying. (DID, cons to non-cons)


The Meterman
Sometimes reading meters leaves you with more than you bargained for.

U B Tied

Ho Ho Ho
A christmas poem featuring a naughty Santa who's only too happy to use his tied up toy left out for him under the tree - beats hell out of milk (in Australia, it would be beer) and cookies!

A Birthday Present
Gloria is a beautiful married woman whose husband has little imagination when it comes to sex - so her best friend decides it's time to help her out!

She wanted sex bad
Sharon is a high-class call-girl who thinks she's got it made - until she meets a client who tricks her into putting on a chastity belt that cannot be removed without a key - and she's stuck inside it for the duration...

Just helping a friend
Marriage counselling takes a new twist - Tina wants her husband to play bondage games with her but she doesn't know how to approach the subject...

Erma receives special on-the-job training befrore beginning her new career - learning how to please men!

Five Days Off - 11 Parts
Jane enjoys a special break from work - but whether she'll receive any rest or not is debatable!


Tasya's Game
Tasya wonders if the childhood tying up games she enjoyed with her special friend are really over - or are they?

Dean's Club
Tasya and Tyler receive an unwelcome visitor during one of their tying-up games but she hasn't seen a tied-up Tasya cowering behind a wall - or has she?


Buck Rodgers meets bondage in this futuristic tale of restraint.

Sheryl and The Straitjacket Incident
Our unhappy hero is not a happy camper when his new girlfriend accidentally discovers his secret - he's into BONDAGE! However, he has an excuse ready why that picture he drew of a girl wearing a straitjacket wasn't really his and she buys the story. So he thinks.

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